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Amitabh Bachchan - Journal of AstrologyAmitabh Bachchan (11 Oct 1942)or so many generations in India who love cine heroes and figures of the glamour world, the physically tall actor, Amitabh Bachchan, not fitted into the traditional cine model of a lover  like Dilip Kumar or Devanand with their medium height and handsome faces, carved out his place as an angry young man. But who expected him to be voted as the best actor of the twentieth century? That is history now.  

His horoscope was given to me by his mother late Smt. Teji Bachchan and I had written about it in my article in the Astrological Magazine twenty six years ago discussing his accident in July 1982 about which I had given  a forewarning to his mother. That prediction was based on Vimshottari dasha. Let me discuss more events of his life through my tested method of Chara dasha and show many more events. 

Oct 1942, 14:50:30 Corrected War Time, Allahabad, UP, India. 

The sequence of dasha in his case is:Aquarius 11-10-1942, Pisces1951, Aries 1959, Taurus1964, Gemini 1968, Cancer 1971,Leo 1980, Virgo 1991, Libra 2003, Scorpio 2014

Birth of his sibling 
In Kumbha mahadasha and the antardashas of Simha and Kanya his only sibling, Ajitabh Bachchan was born in May 1947. Kanya has his Bhatrikaraka, Mars. Meena 1951 to 1959, Mesha 1959 to 1964, Vrisha 1964 to 1968, Mithuna 1968 to 1971 

This dasha of Mithuna was the turning point of his life as AK and AmK, Sun and Mercury along with PK, Venus the planet of artistry aspect his tenth house giving to AB the greatest turning point in his career with some acting roles in which he was noticed. Let me quote from some information gathered by some students as my knowledge of cinema is awfully poor. 

“He first gained popularity in the early 1970s as the "angry young man" of Bollywood cinema, and has since become one of the most prominent figures in the history of Indian cinema.”  

“Bachchan made his film debut in 1969 as one of the seven protagonists in Saat Hindustani, a film directed by Khwaja Ahmad Abbas and featuring Utpal Dutt, Madhu and Jalal Agha. Though the film was not a financial success, Bachchan won his first National Film Award for Best Newcomer.  

Anand (1971) followed, where he starred alongside Rajesh Khanna. Bachchan's roles as a doctor with a cynical view of life garned him his first Filmfare Best Supporting Actor Award. Amitabh then played the role of an infatuated lover in Parwaana (1971). This was followed by several films including Reshma Aur Shera (1971). During this time, he made a guest appearance in the film Guddi which starred his future wife Jaya Bhaduri. He narrated part of the film Bawarchi.” 

The next dasha of Karka 1971 to 1980 has DK and also DKN, Jupiter, exalted and vargottama. 

Marriage and Children 
I do not have the exact date of his marriage but the likely period is Karka Mesha which was from April 1973 to January 1974 Mesha being the seventh house of the navamsha.         

His first child, a daughter, Shweta, could have taken birth in the antardashas of Meena/Kumbha starting from January 1974. 

His son Abhishek in news as an actor and husband of Aishwarya could have been born in 1976 in Karka Dhanu from April 1976 to Jan 1977 as the Saptamsha given here shows PK in Mithuna with Kumbha lagna. 

His Accident of 1982 
 I had given this prediction in Jan 1982 to his mother and had written an article also in the Astrological Magazine. Let me show the same event through Chara dasha. It was in the Simha dasha which was from 1980 to 1991. GK Moon is aspecting this rashi Simha and in the antardasha of Tula the accident took place in July 1982 perhaps on 2 July. This was the period of Simha Tula, Tula from 14 July 1982 to 11 August 1982.   

All that I have been able to get from the internet is that the accident was on 26 July 1982 in the shooting of picture Coolie but the time is not mentioned. If four of five levels of Chara Dasha are worked it will be:   
Mahadasha is of Simha aspected by GK 
Antardasha of Tula having GK 
Pratyantaradasha of again Tula 
Sookshma dasha is Mesha seventh from GK but aspected by Rahu and Ketu. 
The Prana dasha could be Karka which has DK and it was a very fatal accident which nearly could have caused death. 
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