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Arishta Illustrations

Illustration One

Arishta First Illustration

1. The lagna is Simha with two malefics and the lagna lord is the Sun in the sixth house.

2. The Moon is in the sixth house at five degrees and thirty seven minutes and within two degrees of the Sun whose degrees are three and thirty minutes. It is a weak Moon and so badly placed.

3. Two benefics, Jupiter and Venus are in kendras but are with malefics.

4. There is no malefic in the third or eleventh house.

5. The child was born in the major period of the Sun, which is to be followed by that of the Moon of ten years and of Mars, retrograde, in the lagna.

This child born with brain palsy is unable to walk and crawl. Though in the United States of America, the parents of the child who can afford the best of medical treatment being rich, have given up hopes. The prediction given was that the child would not survive.

The last information we received is that the child is nearing its death (1994).

The Second Illustration

Arishta Second Illustration

This young girl was born in the major period of Mercury, the lagna lord, which is afflicted by Saturn (the third aspect) and Mars (the fourth aspect) and is in the second house.

1. The only benefic Jupiter in the tenth house is retrograde.

2. The only malefic in the eleventh house is Mars which is debilitated, and therefore weak.

3. The Lagna is afflicted by Rahu.

4. After Mercury, there is the period of Ketu of seven years in the seventh house, a killer-house.

5. The dasha to follow is of Venus in the second house afflicted by Saturn and Mars again.

This girl suffering from failed kidney is struggling between life and death when last information was received.

Third Illustration

Arishta Third Illustration

Arishta Third Illustration Navamsha

1. The lagna has malefic eighth lord, Saturn, who is also the ninth lord.

2. The lagna lord, Mercury is debilitated but with Jupiter.

3. Two benefics are in kendras, Mercury and Jupiter but Mercury is debilitated.

4. This boy was born in the major period of the Sun with a balance of five years, one month and eleven days.

5. Next came the period of the Moon, the second lord, and the boy was doing well in his studies. Then came the sub-period of Saturn in the major period of the Moon.

6. The picture does not become apparent unless the navamsha (the ninth division) is seen.

In the navamsha –

(a) The Moon is the second house with Mars and is aspected by Saturn.

(b) Mercury whose sub-period the boy was running when his paralysis became acute is the eighth lord from the navamsha lagna while he is the lagna lord of the birth horoscope.

(c) The Moon as the second lord of the birth horoscope and being associated with Mars who is also the sixth lord, lord of the navamsha is in the second house.

The boy did not survive as soon as the Moon-Venus period began. Venus in the twelfth house in the birth horoscope and afflicted by Ketu, is also afflicted in the navamsha by Ketu, Saturn and Mars.

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