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Fourth Illustration

The fourth illustration is rather intriguing.

Arishta Fourth Illustration

1. The boy was born in the major period of Saturn, the seventh and the eight lord, retrograde in the eighth house. The seventh house is the house of death while the eighth is the house of prolonged illness.

2. One of the principles of Hindu astrology is that Saturn and Rahu can be unconditional killers, if they are ill-placed or are associated with malefics.

3. Another subtle principle of Hindu astrology is to examine the results of a mahadasha from the Moon. Here from the Moon Saturn is the twelfth lord (hospital) while the sub-period lord Rahu who is in the twelfth house is with Mars, the second lord from the Moon

4. As it is, during the period of Saturn, the seventh and the eighth lord, in itself bad, the sub-period of Rahu came round about 1979 and the boy died of kidney failure in a hospital (Rahu in the twelfth house with Mars, representing operation surgically).

5. The lone benefic in kendra, Jupiter was not effective in saving the boy as the aspect of Saturn (third) ruined the beneficience of Jupiter.

Fifth Illustration

Arishta Fifth Illustration

1. Here not a single planet which is known as a benefic is in a kendra.

2. The Moon, the seventh lord is with Rahu and both are very close in degree.

3. Mars at eighteen degrees aspects (fourth aspect) the Moon-Rahu combination very closely.

4. Saturn, retrograde also aspects the Moon from the eleventh house.

5. Saturn as the second lord is the killer while Mercury as the sixth lord of diseases is weak, being debilitated.

She suffered from blood cancer and died in December 1978, when she was passing through the period of Saturn and Mercury sub-period.

Sixth Illustration

Arishta Sixth Illustration

This is the horoscope of the world famous Herr Hitler of Germany a great hero for some and a great villain for others. We are not concerned with that controversy.

Some of the principles given in the check-list can be tested here.

1. Benefics in kendra — Only Venus which is retrograde and Mercury which is badly afflicted with Mars, the Sun and the tenth aspect of Saturn.

2. Malefics in the third — Only Ketu in the third is the lone malefic.

3. Are the lagna lord and the Moon ill-placed? The lagna lord in the seventh house of death is both retrograde and is with malefics and is also aspected by Saturn.

4. Is lagna afflicted? Yes, by Mars, the Sun, retrograde Venus (the lagna lord) and an afflicted Mercury.

5. Is lagna lord afflicted? Yes, as already discussed.

6. Is the Moon afflicted? Yes, by Ketu and is also ill-placed in the third house and is in association with the third and the sixth lord Jupiter, which made him the hero he was.

7. The Mahadasha and sub-periods — It was the mahadasha of Rahu, the unconditional killer and the sub-period of Venus (retrograde) and with so many malefic influences on it, that killed him.

8. Were malefics in transit harmful: Saturn and Rahu were in Mithuna, seventh from Hitler's Moon on April 30, 1945 and Mars, Venus and Mercury were in Meena, the sixth house from the lagna and the fourth house from the Moon.

Hitler died in Rahu major period (the unconditional killer) and the sub-period of Venus (retrograde). It has been stated that a retrograde benefic is hardly helpful.

Hitler committed suicide after marrying Eva Brown to save his life-long girl friend from the infamy of being his mistress

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