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Persons whom these Planets Represent in Daily Life

Now, if we take the normal day to day, mundane affairs, these very planets represent the following worldly persons.

The Sun

The king of the solar system, is the king always and everywhere. The level of regal splendour he shows will depend on his condition in a horoscope.

Family – The father in a family and paternal relations, the Sun is also a dignified administrative authority.

Society The King in a monarchy, the Sun is the dignitary in modern democracies and represents highly placed persons whether in government service or private firms.

The Moon

Like the Sun, the other planet representing royalty is the Moon.

Family – Represents the mother and everything connected with mother.

Society – The wise men (Dwija) of the society, popular person and in democracies, the Moon aspected by Saturn represents the charisma some personalities develop.


Mars is the natural commander-in-chief in astrology.

Family – Brothers, sisters.

Notable – Some astrologers following the Bhrigu system of Hindu astrology give to Mars the role of a woman in a man’s life. While many astrologers do not accept this, there is strong enough reason to go deeper into this aspect as some of my researches prove this to be very valid.

Society   Mars gives an important marital point which pertains to marriage which is why in Hindu astrology so much stress is laid on Mangalya (happiness of a marriage) and also Kujadosha (Kuja is a synonym for Mars). In social life, Mars represents the army, the police and men in uniform, administrators, men in high position, rulership, estate agents etc.


In astrology Mercury is the prince.

Family – Cousins, maternal uncles.

Notable – In Uttar-Kalamrita, Kalidas attributes to Mercury some other special significations: maternal grand-father, and younger coborns and or brothers and sisters.

Notable – In a woman’s life Mercury represents, if afflicted by Saturn a husband with less or no sexual virility.

Society – Mercury represents knowledge and in modern life, business. So this planet has many great significations of very wide variety. Mathematicians, sculptors, astrologers, astronomers, scholars, speakers, writers, men who know the secrets of mantras and yantras. In modern age, Mercury is the financial expert, accountant, auditor, journalist, newspaper man, paper merchant etc.

Notable – The association of Mercury with certain planets in some rashis from the lagna is the clue to finding it out. Lot of new researches will have to be done in this area.


Jupiter who is given the honored place of being the guru of gods, represents, the divine, the sacred.

Family – Children, elder brother, respected elders in the family (whose intervention and advice helps solve family problems)

Notable – In Uttar Kalamrita, the other significations given to Jupiter are grandsons and also grand-father.

Notable – In Bhrigu astrology, Jupiter is said to represent the husband of a woman just as Mars is said to represent the wife of a man.

Society – Traditionally, the priest, the scholar, the adviser to the king (in ancient times), Jupiter represents many new modern professionals.

Notable – The judge, the teacher, the lawyer, the adviser in new modern forms become legal experts, the management experts, the psychologists, the bankers etc.


Venus, traditionally the guru of asuras (monsters), is described as the lord of sixty-four arts, meaning that Venus represents, culture and sophistication.

Family – Represents the sex-life of married partners in a tradition-bound society otherwise, the sex-life of an individual. Generally Venus has been treated as wife. For those born after sun-rise Venus is said to take the place of Moon and becomes the mother. 

Notable  Generally Venus represents family prosperity, conveyances, jewellery, and precious possessions.

Society  Venus being representative of arts, all form of arts, fine or commercial, dance, song, drama, literature, poetry being its sole domain, dramatists, poets, dancers etc. are Venus-dominant personalities.

Notable  In modern context, the perfumers, hoteliers, owners of restaurant, computer-software men and even those who deal with flesh-trade fall under the vast Venusian umbrella.


Hindu astrologers are mostly superstitious in their understanding and treatment of the significations of Saturn. True, Saturn represents, trouble, sorrow, old age, sickness. Yet in all the great classics of Hindu astrology Saturn has been given some other beneficent roles which are overlooked. My best research given in my books emphasise the positive side of Saturn with many illustrations.

Family  Old men and servants in the family. Old, dilapidated houses specially made of bricks. For those born at night Saturn represents father, taking the place of the Sun, the natural significator of father.

Society  If the Sun is the aristocrat, Saturn is the democrat while Mars is the dictator. These hints help us in making predictions about the type of government a nation will have at a given point of time. Lower classes, democrats, crippled persons, old men, are represented by Saturn in traditional astrology.

In the changed socio-economic times of ours, Saturn is the seeker of powers through elections to democratic bodies, iron-smiths and also industrialists (in cooperation with Mars), a psychologist in cooperation with Jupiter, an artist in cooperation with Venus, a sculptor in co-operation with Mercury etc.

Notable Astrologers who fail to seek the very wide and sweeping range of all new professions created by Saturn will fall into thousands of errors of judgments.


Next to Saturn the most condemned planet is Rahu. Unless astrologers do new researches and see the positive side of these planets, more damage will be done to astrology than has already been done so far.

Family Paternal grand-parents (though Uttar Kalamrita also uses Rahu for maternal grand-parents), old, sick person in the family and those that become non-conformist's.

Society The foreigner, the engineer, the architect, the space engineer, the politician, air hostesses, aeroplane pilots and manifold new technical and semi-technical professions fall in the domain of Rahu.


Ketu is the most baffling planet in astrology, spiritual, divine on the one hand and baffling in a medical sense.

Family Represents maternal grand-parents (though Uttara Kalamrita takes paternal grand-parents), the slightly unorthodox members of the family.

Society Ketu is the planet which plays key role in shaping a doctor or other men in semi-medical or alternative systems of medicine. Ketu, combined with other planets, produces inventors, men dealing with subtle secrets of nature around our world.

Notable Some hints have been given here about the persons represented by different planets some of them are traditional and some of them are additional. For instance Ketu represents languages and linguists. These days when people learn computer it naturally falls under Ketu because there is computer language to be learnt.

If planets combine, aspect each other in certain houses from the lagna, the meaning of this should be interpreted with an open mind. The classical principle should never be overlooked and the new meaning must be discovered otherwise astrological research will remain stagnant.

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