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The Sixth House

In the life of a spiritual practitioner fifteen types of distractions are normal. More often than not these take a person away from the desired spiritual path. To overcome such distractions, a malefic in the sixth house is always good. As it is, a malefic in the sixth house is good for ensuring sound health and the tenacity to overcome obstacles. In spiritual life this house helps in developing one pointed concentration.

The Seventh House

This house of sex is also the house of sex-sublimination. It is when the kundalini power rises high that sexual lust gets transformed into love and a sadhak feel the spiritual vibrations of the rising kundalini.

The Eighth House

It should be noticed that the fourth house is the house of spirituality and salvation in the trines given before. The eighth house is the second of such house, but being a secret house (eighth house is a hidden house) one practices one’s sadhana in secluded and cloistered places. It is true that this house also represents agonies which must include spiritual disappointments in the act attaining a blissful state of samadhi.

The Ninth House

Next to the fifth house, the house on which all astrologers lay greatest stress for spiritual development is the ninth house. Yet, there is a controversy among astrologers whether it is the ninth house or the fifth house that is to be seen for the spiritual merit of the past life. While majority of astrologers see the fifth house for the merit of the past life, it is also logical to see that after the eighth house of samadhi that the spiritual merit of this life blossoms out. The ninth house therefore is to be examined for all acts of penance, pilgrimage, worship of gods.

It is the house which represented the last stage of full spiritual development, after which one can become a guru or a spiritual guide. This house also is for father, who is one of the early gurus of a child.

Note – The fourth house which is the first house of the moksha triangle represents mother which is why serving one’s mother is the service to adi-guru (the first guru).

The ninth house, the last of the dharma triangle, shows the importance of service to one’s father, as the key-note of religious progress.

It is for this reason that the Sanskrit saying, "Matri devo bhava" (let mother be the goddess) and "Pitro devo bhava" (let father be the god) is the eternal lesson children are taught to lay poper foundation of their spiritual life.Inferentially, those who are cruel to their parents cannot hope to be spiritually successful in their practices. This is a harsh spiritual reality which will not be palatable to many modern young people. Yet an astrologer cannot afford to overlook this.

The Tenth House

The tenth house is the house of those deeds which are noticed. A person who has potentised a mantra and has become a guru, wins social recognition through his deeds (even misdeeds). It is for this reason that Jupiter, the greatest benefic is preferred most in this house for holy deeds because the tenth house is the house of religious, spiritual and ritualistic deeds.

Note – In the case of a guru the tenth house shows the quality of his deeds, along with the lord of the tenth house.

The Eleventh House

In a spiritual sense, the eleventh house is a very enigmatic house. Benefics in it will attract one to worship of many gods and great scriptural scholarship and authorship. Many planets in it will bring, as donations to a guru, lot of money as the eleventh house is the last of the kama triangle or desires. Such desires can be good and evil. The eleventh house is thus the house of the last of the temptations a religious person has to face, which must be overcome to reach the final destination, salvation.

The Twelfth House

The twelfth house, the condition of the twelfth lord and Ketu are the salvation giving factors. A bad twelfth house can ruin all the spiritual promises of an otherwise good horoscope.

Note  What has been given so far here is only a bare outline of the spiritual promise inherent in a horoscope. These very promises are to be examined in greater details through many other finer analysis. The use of Vimshamsha (one-twentieth division horoscope) will have to be brought into use.

Jaimini astrology should be used before any predictions about anyone’s spiritual life is given otherwise, spiritual astrology more often than not becomes a wild goose chase.

Note – A safe and sound method which an astrologer can adopt is to make a proper use of the navamsha (one ninth) division of a horoscope and examine the fifth and the ninth lords and houses of navamsha and then the twelfth lord. Together with all this, the most important factor in the spiritual evolution of a person is to see what (dasha in Vimshottari ) sequence one has got in life. The most favourable periods are the periods of the fifth and the ninth lords.

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