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What is to seen from which House

So far what has been given is the spiritual aspects associated with each house from the lagna. These days more and more people have generally two additional questions to ask, the first about their spiritual life and the other about their ailments.

The other traditionally associated significations with the houses have been given in detail in many books, fortunately now available in translation in English, But it is necessary to sound a warning here, do not take any of the interpretations given in them as being dogmatic and unalterable. This mistake is committed by some Indians who do not make an in-depth study of astrology and study other techniques. What are given in these classics are aids to predictions, not predictions themselves.Keeping this forewarning in the mind it will be useful to know what each house represents.

The Lagna

One is born in a particular sign, which is his lagna and therefore the first house. His personality will partake of the characteristics of those signs, which will be discussed later.

The First House

The first house represents the physical body, good or ill-health, the early part of life, the personal development of the child and the character as a whole.

The Second House

It is known as kutumba or the family of one’s parents and is to be seen for speech, the food one eats, the money one gets and also death.

The Third House

Traditionally, this house is to be seen for brothers and sisters, short journeys, letters and quick writing. But these days it is necessary to examine it for sports, artistic talents, and business agencies also.

The Fourth House

Mother, land, conveyances, happiness are the traditional subject to be seen from the fourth house. Extending it, a doctor’s clinic, an artist’s studio, a philanthropist’s trust and an industrialist’s factories are the modern additions.

The Fifth House

It is the house of education (though some take the fourth house as education) intelligence, children and the power of discrimination.

The Sixth House

Diseases, opposition, debts, injuries are the negative factors associated with this house. On the positive side, accumulation of wealth (it being the second of the artha trine), sports, adventures and father’s profession are seen from this house.

The Seventh House

Traditionally, marriage but these days living together, therefore wife, lover, sex life are associated with this house.

These days, it should be seen for business and business partnership, foreign countries, and even settlement abroad and death.

The Eighth House

Legacies, inheritance, sudden financial gains, wills are the positive side of this house while the negative side is long illnesses, cause of death, sexual and conjugal life.

The Ninth House

The father (though the tenth house should also be seen) spiritual tendencies, devotion, learning, pilgrimages, association with legal and religious personalities are the commonest factors seen from this house. It being the house of luck, a good ninth house improves a horoscope.

The Tenth House

One’s profession (the sixth house is also employment) fame, honors, respect, dignity and one’s achievements are seen from this house.

The Eleventh House

All types of gains, titles, honors, elder brothers and sisters, business profits are to be seen.

The Twelfth House

Loss, expenditure, waste etc. are the traditional factors associated with this house. These days, foreign journeys, getting settled in a foreign country, trade with a foreign country, jail, imprisonment are necessary and inevitable events to be gleaned from this house.

For spiritual practitioners this is the most important house for the promise of spiritual life and salvation.

As has been stated, a long list of events and things to be seen from each of the house can be compiled in hundreds of pages. What has been given here is for day to day use only.

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