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 Useful Information About Rashis

In making predictions about various events the most essential information that must be made use of is being given in descriptive form partly and in chart-form, partly.

In making subtle predictions, the information is made use of but at an advanced stage of an astrological career. More than seven decades ago, an old astrologer had given in writing to a famous Indian not to go to hills for some years. But that could not be avoided as the Indian had to go there to perform his duties. His car slid down the hill and he received multiple fractures. That Indian was running the sub-period of a planet in Simha.

Similarly, the rashis are given directions, colour, caste and it is also explained how they rise. The last bit of information about the nature of their rise is made use of for predicting how quickly any work is done when a question is put in prashna astrology (horary) how soon a work will be done or not and whether there is any promise of auspicious results.

Similarly the quality of a rashi, Sattwic (Spirituality) Rajasic (activity) and Tamasic (inertia) is also useful in psychological-spiritual, mental and other characteristics that manifest in the mahadasha and the antardasha running at a given time.

Directions of Planets










  South East 

South West 

North East

North West





          Useful Information about Rashis

Even and Odd Rashis

Consolidated Table about Rashis

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