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Expanded Memory Tablet
D. A. R. E. S.

Earlier, part of Memory Tablet was given, P.A.C. Now the full Memory Table is being which I have taught successfully to thousands of students in India and in U.S.A. who have found it working as a sound methodological analysis. The second half of the memory tablet is D.A.R.E.S.

D for Dhana  or wealth, monetary gains, the lords that should be seen for this are of the first, second, fifth, ninth and eleventh and of course cords of those houses.

A for Arista or misfortunes of ill health and tragic events. The lords and houses to be seen are the third, sixth, eight and twelfth including the lagna invariably and its lord.

R   for Rajayoga or combination for rise professionally and otherwise promise of distinctions in various fields. The houses and the lords to be seen are the first, fourth, seventh and tenth and their combinations (PAC) with the lords of the fifth and the ninth houses.

E for Exchange Some horoscopes have some very special features by overlooking which we astrologers commit serious mistakes.

S for special aspects, if any.

So the full Memory Tablet is P.A.C.D.A.R.E.S.

This is to be applied with the mahadasha and its sub-periods and then transit of planets of predictions.

Each of the D.A.R.E.S. is being explained now, one by one.

The method evolved here helps one grasp the essentials of horoscope well. It is after this preliminary exercise has been done, that one should go into details.

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