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D (Dhan Yogas)

The lords of certain houses should combine to promise gain of wealth in horoscope. The cardinal and the most important always in the lagna and the lagna lords. To achieve anything in life, sound health is necessary. Bad health can be a reason for poverty, lack of concentration in the work undertaken, ill-health and other misfortunes.

The Combination for Wealth

Though many combinations have been given in classical texts, three points need elucidation here.

a. Certain combinations of lords of different houses.

b. Moon and Mars combining.

c. Concentration of planets in the second, sixth or the tenth house.

Lords and Houses

Planetary combinations for wealth with illustrated examples (full horoscopes are not given for guarding the privacy of persons whose horoscope are being used).

1. Lords of the lagna and the second lord.

2. Lords of the lagna and the fifth lord.

3. Lords of the lagna and the ninth lord.

4. Lords of the lagna and the eleventh lord.

5. Lords of the second house and the lord of the fifth.

6. Lord of the second house and the ninth house.

7. Lord of the second house and the eleventh house.

8. Lord of the fifth house and the lord of the ninth house.

9. Lord of the fifth house and the lord of the eleventh house.

10. Lord of the ninth house and the eleventh house.

Note – We have seen the importance of the second and the eleventh house generally for gains. But the fifth and the ninth houses are known in Hindu astrology, as Lakshmi sthanas or the houses of the goddess of wealth.

Moon and Mars

The Moon and Mars combination is known as the Chandramangal   yoga and is a classically recognized yoga for wealth. It is a wealth-producing combination.

Special Houses Illustrations

Mention has been made earlier of the Artha (money) trine. Of special importance therefore is the concentration of planet in the second, sixth and the eleventh house.

To predict about it the sequence of dasha must be seen. Which dasha will produce wealth when, is a matter of astrological judgment which will be shown through examples later.

Dhan Yoga Illustrations

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