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R (Rajayogas)

 After "D" and "A" we now come to "R" which represents Rajayogas  or planetary combinations for rise in one’s work, job, avocation or profession. There are many ways of examining it. The simplest principle is to see the combination of the lords of trikonas (trines) and kendras (quadrants). First remember the following three points:

1. It has been stated earlier that trines are known as Lakshmi sthanas or houses of wealth.

2. It has also been stated the quadrants are Vishnu sthanas or the houses of protection.

3. It has also been stated that the lagna lord is the lord both of the trikona and the kendra.

Therefore the Rajayogas for each horoscope will have to be seen thus.

1. Lagna lord and the fourth lord.

2. Lagna lord and the fifth lord.

3. Lagna lord and the seventh lord.

4. Lagna lord and the ninth lord.

5. Lagna lord and the tenth lord.

6. The fourth lord and the fifth lord.

7. The fourth lord and the ninth lord.

8. The fifth lord and the seventh lord.

9. The fifth lord and the tenth lord.

10. The ninth lord and the seventh lord.

11. The ninth lord and the tenth lord.

Importance of the Navamsha

In Hindu Astrology what is apparent in the birth horoscope may improve or deteriorate in the navamsha. It is never safe to make any prediction without using the navamsha. So we will go deeper from here onwards.

Modern Researches

In industrial times so many new opportunities have opened up before today’s generations that one can move from one job to another and keep rising higher. Here the so-called evil houses must have new meaning. What is necessary to stress is not to undermine the importance of houses other than the kendras and trikonas.

Directional Strength

Out of the six-fold strength of planets popular in Hindu Astrology, we shall make use only of directional strength here, which is to be seen as follows:

1. Jupiter and Mercury are strong in the lagna.

2. The Moon and Venus are strong in the fourth house.

3. Saturn is strong in the seventh house.

4. The Sun and Mars are strong in the tenth house.

5. Rahu and Ketu in the kendras behave like kendra lords and in trikonas behave like trikona lords.

Note – Rahu and Ketu in the houses of Jupiter, Dhanu or Meena are generally good. If they are aspected by Jupiter they acquire beneficence.

Importance of the Dasha

In view of the importance of making careers early in life, it is of utmost important to see what dasha one gets at the right time for achieving what one has achieved. A check-list is being given here.

1. See what are the Rajayogas in a horoscope, by which what is meant is the combination of kendra and trikona lords.

2. See whether the planets promising high things in the birth horoscope have deteriorated in the navamsha or have improved.

3. Look out for new meanings in the changed times in which we are living.

4. Note the planets with directional strength.

5. See what is the mahadasha and antar-dasha or major and sub-periods running at a given time.

6. Wherever necessary use the sub-sub-period also. Some illustrations will be given in the book.

7. Last will come transit of planets. To give exaggerated importance to transits is to mistake the feather of a bird for the bird itself.

Note – A planet which remains at the same place as in the birth horoscope is called vargottama planet also.

8. Therefore add vargottama planets also.

9. Do not forget to examine "A" (arishta) first, before launching into a prediction.

Note – An astrologer is not infallible. Yet a sound and detailed analysis of a horoscope will give to him a life average of eighty percent correct predictions. Often, I have given predictions about big events, overlooking the "X" element and gone wrong. In USA those who expect one hour of reading from an astrologer are themselves responsible for driving an astrologer into a wrong position. Sometimes, a horoscope may take hours of verification for its correctness. This fact is forgotten by many people who blame the astrologer without being sure that their horoscope is correctly cast.

Rajyoga Illustrations

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