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E - (Exchange of Lords of Houses)

We have so far gone through the first part the memory tablet "P.A.C." and in the second part we have covered "D", then "A", then "R"; now we come to "E" which represents exchange.

1. Some instances have already been given of such exchanges earlier. The second instance under "D" has Meena lagna whose lord Jupiter is in the fourth house and the fourth lord Mercury is in the lagna. It is an excellent exchange not only between two benefics but also two excellent houses the house representing body (lagna) and the house representing happiness (the fourth house) As it is, Jupiter in the fourth house is good even otherwise.

2. The second instance is the the fifth example under  "D" . Here the lord of the lagna, Mars is in the fifth house of goddess Lakshmi and the lord of the fifth is in the lagna. It is an excellent exchange for material prosperity and attainment of high positions in life.

3. Under "A" the first example shows that the second lord in the sixth house acquires death-dealing propensities.

4. In the second example under "R" the ninth lord of the lagna (Vrishchika), is the Moon exalted in the 7th house while the 7th lord, Venus, is in the ninth house. This person rose very high in his job.

Indira Gandhi

In my book, "The Nehru Dynasty – Astro-biographical Portraits", I have given a very detailed account of the meaning of such exchanges. In her case the second lord gets exchanged with the fifth lord, the lagna with the seventh lord and the sixth lord with the eleventh lord.

Indira Gandhi’s turbulent career of political rise, ruthless and unprincipled crushing of democratic institutions, her defeats at the hands of her enemies and many victories over them, and, finally her assasination by her own bodyguards are well explained by the exchange in her horoscope.

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