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S - (Special Features)

Every horoscope has some very special features, special yogas and their intricacies are so baffling that it takes many hours of work of many days to unravel the planetary mysteries which tell their stories.

Jawaharlal Nehru (1889-1964)

Jawaharlal Nehru Horoscope

The first prime minister of India, Jawaharlal Nehru had an extraordinary horoscope in which there is a continuous chain of planets from the lagna to the sixth house. It is called Mallika yoga or the garland of planets, It is a rare planetary position for an emperor. Jawaharlal Nehru was the greatest visionary and the statesman of his era, though, he, because of his European unbringing worked against the cultural and religious interests of India.

Therefore, a second feature of Jawaharlal Nehru’s horoscope that needs understanding is the aspect of Mars on Jupiter with Ketu. It is known a guru-chandala yoga, guru represents the spiritual, cultural and religious traditions and when he gets afflicted by two malefics he loses that and becomes a chandala (the low grade person).

Yet, Nehru’s tenth house receives the aspects of Venus, Mercury (seventh aspect) of Mars (the eighth) and of Jupiter (the fifth). Three benefics aspecting his tenth house have kept alive his image as an idealist in a world of crooked statesmanship.

Morarji Desai (1896-1996)

Morarji Desai Horoscope

Both India’s first prime minister and later his daughter Indira Gandhi, herself also an Indian prime minister, tried their best to suppress this inflexibly rigid idealist. But three exalted planets, Jupiter, Saturn and Mars, gave to his political career rarest resilience.

Morarji was lucky to have got the major periods of Jupiter’s, his tenth lord exalted, followed by Saturn again exalted, to survive all intrigues against him. Later, in the Mercury period he become the prime minister of India inspite of the terrible intrigues of Indira Gandhi against him.

Morarji had the rare greatness to excuse Indira Gandhi after he became the prime minister and give her adequate security to save her from many Indians who might have murdered her and her son Sanjay Gandhi for the atrocities they had committed during the National Emergency of 1975-77 when Indira Gandhi was the prime minister of India.

The exchange between the fifth lord, Venus and the eighth lord, Saturn in his horoscope made his experiences with his children very painful. One daughter of his committed suicide and while his only surviving son, Kanti Bhai Desai was accused of being corrupt. But is was the misfortune of Morarji that he found his son, Kanti Bhai Desai, the commonest target of attack at the hands of those of India’s politicians who were known to be on the pay-rolls of many industrialists and even Indira Gandhi. This bad exchange of the fifth and the eighth lord was his misfortune.

The Sun in the ninth house is not considered favourable for the longevity of one’s father. With Rahu there with the Sun in the ninth house of father, it is not strange that Morarji’s father committed suicide.

But the most remarkable feature of the horoscope of Morarji is that from Saturn, three planets are in kendra in Makar, (Venus, Mercury and Mars) and one in the tenth house, Jupiter. See it from Jupiter or from Mars, Venus, Mercury combination - all these planets are in kendras from each other exerting pressure on each other to do their best of the worst.

Two benefics, Mercury, the lagna lord and Venus in the eighth house with exalted Mars aspected by an exalted Jupiter has given to Morarji a long life. Born on February 29th on a leap year in 1896, he entered his hundredth year and was the oldest surviving statesman of the world. He died in 1996 after February.

Then an exalted Jupiter in the second house gave to him majesty of truth speaking, a rare virtue among politicians.

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