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The Consolidated Check-List

What has been discussed so far is being divided into different sections in the form of a consolidated check-list, which every astrologer must practice before giving a prediction.

Section One

P See how each lord of the twelve houses is placed.

A – See which planet aspects which other planet and the house.

C – See which planets are conjunct, their relationships, their lordships for further analysis.

Section Two

D See how the lords of the lagna, second, fifth, ninth and the eleventh houses from a PAC relationship, to find about the planetary information available about monetary gains, losses etc.

A – See how the lagna lord and the Moon and the lords and houses known from   malefiscence, the sixth, the eighth, the twelfth and even the third are in a horoscope.

R – See how the lords of kendras and trikonas combine to evaluate the chances of one’s rise in life.

E – Exchanges between the lords of houses have their own mysterious meaning. This is an area of great research.

S – Every horoscope has special features, from the most ordinary man's to the most extraordinary. To understand it one has to read all the available classics of Hindu astrology which have, by one estimate, fifty million stanzas in Sanskrit in many manuscripts which are to be translated into Indian languages. It is estimated that only 2000 (one-fifth of a million) stanzas are available to us in Indian languages while in English only a few thousand have been translated.

It is because of this that western astrologers argue vainly and without any basis that India is not the land of origin of astrology. A nation with so many millions of Sanskrit stanzas, so many manuscripts and with its belief in reincarnation and transmigration of souls alone can be the originator of the science of astrology.

Yet, special features in a horoscope, known as yogaj  born of yoga (which means union of two or more, in this case, planets) give to a horoscope a new and undiscovered meaning. But many of them are hidden in those manuscripts.

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