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The Twelve Houses

When Lord Rama was going to enter Lanka in his battle with the demon king, Ravana, Maharshi Agastya asked him to worship the Sun God first. It is known as the famous Aditya Hridayam Stotra.

In one part of the stotra, there is the famous Surya Mandal Stotra of twelve stanzas. These twelve stanzas are the worship of the Sun’s movement into twelve houses, which represent the twelve well known calendar months.

These twelve houses are called the Bhachakra in Sanskrit or the Zodiac.

Each house has a space of thirty degrees, which when multiplied by twelve gives us three hundred and sixty degrees. The Bhachakra in Sanskrit or the Zodiac has a total span of three hundred and sixty degrees.

Each house, better call it RASHI , has a name and stretches upto thirty degrees each. It is shown in the table given below.


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