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Why the Moon ?

In the north Indian style of birth charts if the Moon is a house other than the lagna, two different charts are prepared to do readings, first from the lagna and then from the Moon. In the south Indian chart two charts need not to be prepared but the same scientific approach is adopted.

Why then is so much importance igiven to the Moon must be understoodd.

1. The lagna is the body, and physical body.

2. Six divisional horoscopes are its six limbs, which are –

a. The birth horoscope is for the study of physical, general and broad understanding of a man’s personality.

b. Hora which is a two fold division of a horoscope is to be seen for wealth, though it has some other uses also.

c. Dreshkona (Drekkana) is one third division of a horoscope for finding out mainly about brothers and sisters though it has a wide variety of uses.

d. Navamsha or the one-ninth division of a horoscope for seeing the subtle, hidden planetary stories but is used mainly for marital and relationship problems.

e. Dwadashamsha or the One-twelfth division is used to know about parents, though it has most extraordinary uses of other kinds also.

f. Trimsamsha, one thirtieth division (actually five divisions) for misfortune, though it reveals a wealth of details about one’s talents also.

3. Other planets, i.e. Mars, Mercury, Jupiter, Venus, Saturn, Rahu and Ketu are the flesh and blood of the body.

4. The Moon is the life-force and

5. The Sun is the soul.

To do astrology without seeing the very great role of the Moon in it is to do autopsy, not astrology, of a horoscope.

The great Vedic seers knew all about it and have used the Moon in so many ways that it will need the efforts of a life-time to comprehend them and use them fully. No astrologer knows the full uses of the Moon in a horoscope. But a sound Hindu astrologer knows the great importance of the Moon and knows that it is the life force of the horoscope.

The Approach

To understand the role of the Moon in a horoscope, one must first understand broad and general category for the psychological understanding of a personality.

Then understand it again in a less broad but general way by using the birth-star.

After that should come the manifold specific influence of the Moon in a horoscope through microscopic views.

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