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Broad Understanding of Moon's Influence in different Houses

The psychological influences generated by the Moon in different houses starting from Mesha (Aries) must be understood first.

Moon in Mesha (Aries)

1. Quick moving and observant eyes (not steady on one object at one time).

2. Susceptibility to sickness is apparent.

3. Has the tendency to observe some religious norms.

4. His thighs are generally thicker.

5. Sense of gratitude is less.

6. Saves himself from sinning.

7. Has enough dynamism to win recognition in high circles.

8. Will be happy to make his spouse happy.

9. Is afraid of water.

10. Has clear tendency to be rash, over-dynamic.

11. Calms down in old age.

Moon in Vrisha (Taurus)

1. Inclinations to enjoy life’s gifts are strong.

2. Tendency to gift away things is apparent in his actions.

3. Generally his heart is pure as his emotions are noble.

4. Efficiency in the performance of duty is notable.

5. Can even have a very high level of spritual purity.

6. Makes generally a strong personal presence.

7. Prosperity comes to him easily.

8. Believes in good living and enjoyments.

9. Will have something magnetic about himself.

10. Has a wide circle of good friends.

Moon in Mithuna (Gemini)

1. His speech habits are pleasant.

2. Will have quick moving and observant eyes.

3. Has a sympathetic heart.

4. Is keen on enjoying life sexually.

5. Has musical, artistic gifts.

6. Is prone to develop diseases around the neck.

7. Desires to be well-known.

8. Wants to be prosperous.

9. Has notable intellectual gifts.

10. Will have bright complexion.

11. Will have more than normal height.

12. Has clever speech habits.

13. Generally strong-willed.

14. Efficient in the performance of duties.

15. Loves to be just in all situations.

Moon in Karka (Cancer)

1. Is like a voluntary worker.

2. Likes to be rich.

3. Likes to induge in bravado.

4. Has religious tendencies.

5. Serves his guru.

6. Tendency to develop problems like headaches.

7. Very clever in his dealings.

8. Understands the inner meaning of some rituals.

9. Likes to go on long journeys.

10. Loses all sense of proportion when he loses his temper.

11. Weakminded.

12. Develops a tendency to get dejected.

13. Likes to strike friendship with important persons.

14. In his own house, develops his own style.

Moon in Simha (Leo)

1. Has a forgiving disposition.

2. Likes to accept challenges and face them.

3. Becomes unhappy easily.

4. Likes to eat food with less sense of discrimination.

5. Likes to wander from place to place.

6. Fears cold.

7. Likes to have good friends.

8. Apparently humble but gets angry very quickly.

9. Respects his parents.

10. Has generally some addiction.

11. Nurses the desire to be famous.

Moon in Kanya (Virgo)

1. Believes in enjoying life.

2. Gives utmost respect to good men and deals with them with pleasant manners.

3. Is generally good looking or at least dresses himself up tastefully toappear attractive.

4. His religious inclinations are transparent.

5. Believes in charity.

6. Clever in many dealings.

7. Has poetic talent.

8. Loves to stick to spiritual path.

9. Is loving and lovable.

10. Almost gets addicted to music and dances.

11. Likes to live in a place other than his birth place.

12. Generally is ill-adjusted in his marriage.

Moon in Tula (Libra)

1. Has the tendency to lose temper on wrong occasions.

2. Tendency to be detached and therefore sometimes, unhappy.

3. Soft and cultured in his speech.

4. Very kind mostly and therefore gets cheated.

5. His kindness makes him prosperous sometimes and also almost impoverished.

6. Asserts himself rarely, either at home or outside.

7. His eyes and pupils will have rare mobility.

8. Most sincerely spiritual, with no sense of hypocrisy.

9. If he takes to business of financial advicing, is very imaginative and balanced.

10. Loves and honours bonds of friendships.

11. Has almost an insatiable wander-lust.

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