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Moon in Vrishchika (Scorpio)

1. Develops the tendency to move from place to place very early in life.

2. If he fails to exercise self-control may fall into life’s temptations very easily.

3. Eyes develop yellowish colour.

4. If unchecked, covets the wives of other persons.

5. Is rather haughty.

6. Is cruel even with his own kith and kin.

7. Does not mind becoming unscruplous in earning money.

8. Has little love for his own mother.

9. Knows most of the tricks of cheating.

Moon in Dhanu (Sagittarius)

1. Is brave.

2. Loves truth.

3. Has good qualities.

4. Would like to promote love and peace.

5. Loves prosperity.

6. Has a liking for beautiful women.

7. Respects his mother.

8. Is generous in donating money.

9. Employs many servants.

10. Has histrionic talents.

11. Develops corpulence.

12. Has the dangerous habit of destroying a flourishing family or an institution.

Moon in Makar (Capricorn)

1. Is generally not respected in his own family and develops complexes very early.

2. If in love, can listen to the advice of women more.

3. Has very scholarly tastes.

4. Is very clear in his preference for the non-traditional music and disciplines.

5. Succeeds in winning the respect of beautiful women.

6. Gets rich in very practical ways.

7. Has charitable tendencies.

8. Has good servants to help him.

9. Is kindhearted.

10. Is generally family-loving man.

11. Is worried about his own happiness.

Moon in Kumbha (Aquarius)

1. Has an innate sense of charity.

2. Tendency to be indolent is what he must overcome.

3. Is generally very helpful.

4. His desire to surround himself with wealth and other types of luxuries is very strong.

5. Has impressive eyes.

6. Is mostly courteous.

7. Can work hard to be a scholar or to be rich

8. Earns good name for good deeds and loving nature.

9. Believes in spending the money earned by himself.

10. Is generally courageous.

Moon in Meena (Pisces)

1. Is self-controlled and dignified.

2. Has the capacity to be valorous.

3. Is tactful in speech.

4. Has inborn leadership qualities.

5. Gets angry quickly.

6. Has fear of spending money lavishly.

7. Has sterling qualities.

8. Is loved by his own family members.

9. Is very truly spiritual.

10. Has a tendency to walk quickly.

11. Can develop musical talents.

12. Is respected because of good conduct.



This is the most basic psycho-analytical framework with which a Hindu astrologer should start. These should not be applied literally as they undergo at least twenty modifications. Let one such instance of modification be given here.

For Mesha Lagna with the Moon: As the fourth lord in the lagna has a good mother and other domestic comforts.

For Vrisha Lagna with the Moon: Loves to be spiritual but is negligent of serious studies.

For Mithuna Lagna with the Moon: Has a tendency to grow rich, can be obstinate, and does lot of work for others.

For Karka Lagna with Moon: Will be healthy, brave, very fickle and loves to move in the company of the opposite sex.

For Simha Lagna with the Moon: Spendthrift, does bad planning as a result of which loses money.

For Kanya Lagna with the Moon: Rich, good natured, poet, equanimous and is always anxious to grow rich.

For Tula Lagna with the Moon: Is a born scholar, has many good qualities, sickly in childhood but later happy and becomes prosperous.

For Vrishchika Lagna with the Moon: Is generally lucky, is handsome, scholarly and is liked both by the rich and the poor.

For Dhanu Lagna with the Moon: Has generally less longevity of life, is weak, has thieving tendencies and is ungrateful to his preceptors.

For Makar Lagna with the Moon: Is addicted to extra-marital affairs, is very clever and is prone to sickness.

For Kumbha Lagna with the Moon: Has a bad health, earns fame, is courageous but does not get on well with people generally.

For Meena Lagna with the Moon: Is miserly, scheming but scholarly and has the tendency to cheat others of money.


Now apply to the Moon the full Memory Tablet - PAC and DARES. There are already now nine modifications.


Go into the subtle meaning of the birth star in which the Moon is positioned.


Examine the Moon in the other five divisional charts, Hora, Drekkanna, Navamsha, Dwadamsha and Thrimsamsha.


There are subtler uses of the Moon in each horoscope which alone will be around twenty.

If even some of these are well understood and applied the entire psycho-analytical structure will open out. All this cannot be done in one hour or even one day.


Uttermost caution is to be exercised if the Moon is in the last degrees of Meena or early degrees of Mesha, If in the last degrees of Karka and early degrees of Simha, and if in the last degree of Vrischika and early degrees of Dhanu. These are known as gandanta areas and have many hidden dangers.

How does the Moon reveal your psychology and how I did it in the case of some non-indians is being explained now illustratively.

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