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Your Psychology and Moon Illustrations

Those astrologers who do not know how to examine the impact of their natal Moon (as given in their horoscopes) cannot even understand the psychology of an individual.

Some examples, without disclosing full horoscopes, are being given here. While doing their readings, it was I who asked them what I saw and they had not volunteered the information.

Answers to the Puzzles

Easy and simple, in fact an over-simplistic view of the horoscopes (with full details not disclosed) in itself is enough to show the importance of the Moon sign.

Example One

Psychology and Moon Frst Illustration

Position  The Moon is in the eighth house from the lagna and one must wake up It is at twenty-eight degrees and thirty five minutes and if you know Hindu astrology there will be a ring of a bell in your head.

But the birth is of shukla paksha (bright lunar half) and it is night birth. So there is the safety valve and the inherent danger both.

What neither the psychiatrist nor the Western astrologer would be intereseted in is that psychological analysis of a horoscope starts with pre-destination, the karma-phala of past life (the results of the deeds of past life) which is reflected in the horoscope of the present incarnation of man.

The Portents From the theory of re-incarnation the next step is to see what all portents are readable and visible. This is done in a very detailed way. From the lunar angle alone a horoscope is analysed in more than twenty ways in Hindu astrology.

We will use a technical word here – the Moon is in a vicious gandanta.

Analysis of the Horoscope To understand the meaning of the portents the first question to be asked is: is there any danger to the child? The answer is, no. Then, to whom? The answer is to the mother.

Why? See the fourth lord from the lagna, Mars with a powerful Saturn, the sixth lord of disease and the seventh lord of death.

Now see it from the Moon The never-failing Hindu way is to examine the fourth house. Take Moon as Lagna and its lord also from the Moon. Here, the fourth lord from the Moon is Mercury the lord of Mithuna, with the sixth lord, the Sun and the third and the eighth lord, Venus.

The third way of seeing it is to treat the fourth house as the lagna, for the mother and examine it again. The fourth lord from Scorpio is Saturn, exalted but in the twelfth house and with the sixth lord Mars.

Finally, remember the planetary friendship — Saturn and Mars are enemies. Thus the fourth lord from the lagna and the fourth lord from the fourth house is with enemy. But the fourth lord from the Moon, is with two friends.

The Dasha The dasha of Mercury is followed by that of seven years of Ketu in the twelfth house aspected by Saturn — a very painful period for his mother because Ketu is in the fifth house of feelings from the Moon representing the mother.

Then comes the period of Venus, the third and the tenth lord form the lagna, combust with the Sun in the fifth house of his own emotions.

From the Moon, Venus is the third and the eighth lord with the Sun the sixth lord and with Mercury, the fourth lord from the Moon. Comes now the sub-period of the Moon in the eighth house representing agony and his mother commits suicide.

The Psychological Impact What should be the psychological impact of it on him, for the rest of his life ? He has seen a woman, (in this case his own mother), in moods of depression. How would he react to women in his own life? Now see the seventh lord Saturn with Mars and the meaning is clear. See the seventh lord from the Moon, and it is combust and is aspected by Saturn. See the seventh lord from Venus. It is Mercury combust and Ketu in the eighth house aspected by Saturn.

He has had a two year brief period of married life. Thus far and no further.

Future How would he shape in future? See the dasha sequence, Moon’s period which is in the eighth house and then that of Mars in the third house.

Counselling There is very good spiritual promise in the horoscope. Hathayoga should be the starting point and then metaphysical studies. Yes, he does that. I am happy.

It is specific counselling based on the dasha, which is decided by the birth Moon, which is in a dangerous nakshatra and in dangerous degrees. But the spiritual promise and the inclination to study even astrology and write books, do counselling and sublimate his frustration through music are the definite outlets for pent up frustrations within.

He was satisfied with my reading.

Example Two

Psychology and Moon Second Illustration

The Moon – Here the Moon is doubly important as the lagna lord and as Moon itself. It is in its sign of debilitation. See the check-list under "A" (Arishta) and note that even the lagna has not been spared the influences of two malefics the tenth aspect of Saturn and the eighth aspect of Mars.

The Portents Born in the dasha of Saturn which is exalted it must have given him a good start in life. Then came the period of Mercury in his own house aspected by Mars the fifth lord and Jupiter giving him various opportunities to learn many subjects, technical, semi-technical and even astrology, as Mercury is the planet for astrology. Being with Ketu and that too in the twelfth house, his attraction for spiritual practices is visible and predictable.

But then will come the period of seven years of Ketu in the twelfth house with the Sun and, and most unfortunately, a retrograde Mercury aspected by Mars from the sixth house.

The second and the twelfth house represent eyes in medical astrology In the last sub-period of Ketu when the Mercury’s sub-period must have begun, both Ketu and Mercury must have caused damage to the eyes.

What was the nature of his illness I had asked him. "Eyes" he said and explained it himself with the use of Vimshottari dasha since he is a Hindu astrologer. Yes, I am right. Americans learn Hindu astrology they will do lot of good to their society and in decades to come establish it as the most dependable super-science man has ever known.

Analysis of the Horoscope – With the lagna lord being weak, though vargottama and two malefics aspecting the lagna, health is a weak point.

The concentration of planets in the twelfth house with afflicted Ketu aspected by retrograde Mars would not promise hundred percent improvement. Jupiter is there to save the situation.

But Venus in the second house is unafflicted.

Yet the second lord, the Sun in the twelfth with Ketu and the aspect of retrograde Mars represents, together with Mercury, both eyes.

Counselling – Do not do such work as will strain the eyes more. The present Venus period is all right. But then will come the period of the Sun in the twelfth. The spiritual promise ahead in years to come is very good.

Example Three

Psychology and Moon Third Illustration

She breezed into my room gracefully. She seemed to have some old world charm about her, though not old. In modern American parlance, she must be called young because I, past sixty, was called young by an American woman.

The Moon  The Moon in Tula aspected by a retrograde Saturn, debilitated in Aries and also by Mars from the sixth house! Then the degrees of the Moon show that in navamsha it would get debilitated in Scorpio.

Portents – Such weak Moon and so heavily aflicted needed close look. This Moon, representing mother, is aspected by a retrograde Saturn who is also the mother (being the fourth lord).

And Saturn the fourth lord both from the lagna and the Moon, is the mother doubly. And Saturn is retrograde.

The Dasha Sequence – After a brief balance of about two years of Mars will come the eighteen years of Rahu. The sequence of the sub-periods will be Rahu-Rahu, Rahu-Jupiter and then Rahu-Saturn. My eyes were glued on the retrograde Saturn, representing her mother, aspecting Venus in her fourth house. And Venus as the eighth lord also could mean something sudden, sensational.

Now put your finger on the fourth house, Makar. The story begins to unfold with some violence hidden. How? From Makar the seventh lord is the Moon aspected by retrograde Saturn and Mars in the sixth house of aggression.

What happened during Rahu-Saturn in her own house when she was a young girl of nine or ten years?

"My mother killed her lover right in my presence", she said.

The Psychological Impact – Her own married life must have been disturbed. There are many classical planetary indications, some of those family secrets which some Indian astrologers use are present. Did she develop distrust in the sincerity of male lover? Could be.

She then told me the stories of her marriage.

Counselling – She is passing through the dasha of Saturn, the best a Tula ascendant can get. What about debilitated Saturn? Now notice two features first, Saturn in the seventh has directional strength and Venus in the fourth also has directional strength.

What about debilitated Saturn? Well, for god’s sake, pay some attention also to the virtuous side of debilitated Saturn. "Destroyer of enemies, shine on the face, good position in life with prosperity. sticks to such norms of behaviour as one sets for oneself, enjoys sexual life".

The next dasha will be of Mercury, the ninth lord with the eleventh lord, the Sun, in the second house aspected by Jupiter.

The prosperity that Venus in the fourth promises, is reinforced.

There is Jupiter in the eighth house both form the lagna and the Moon. She will need to look after her health in Saturn-Jupiter.

But Jupiter in the eighth house has its positive side. Genuine interest in yoga, with regularity will help her.

She told me that she had already been doing it and very sincerely.

In the next period of Mercury, her ninth and twelfth lord, her own spiritual interests, starting with yoga will be deeper. I made use of my knowledge of spiritual astrology by looking into many other details. She was happy. She deserved such counselling.

Years ago, when I had heard the word aerobics I thought it was some new crazy things Americans must have started doing in the space. An Americanised Indian lady removed my ignorance and told me that aerobics is what women do on the ground to improve their physique and those who do it walk very smartly, I was told.

When she was leaving I told her, "do yoga, not aerobics".

In the USA, the client who comes to consult you is not well informed about the importance of birth with the craziest ever corrections involving so many time zones. You can never be sure that the so-called correct horoscope given to you has all the necessary corrections carried out properly. The time-zone apart, the differing dates of daylight changes are crazier. About five horoscopes given to me at two stations in USA misled me into wrong reading which was not my fault at all. To what extent the US astrologers, particularly, are aware of the most fantastic crazy time corrections required is what they should know.

There may be very good and valid resons for Western astrologers doing more counselling than predictions. But those of the Hindu astrologers of USA as have decided to do mainly counselling without understanding the extraordinary time-tested techniques of predictions, cannot afford to be imitative. They have to evolve their own style which they can do.

I have said all this because I remember most gratefully TS who told me something valuable. I was doing the reading of a lady born on October 5, 1944 and TS sat with her, after getting her permission, as he had done earlier also in one case in which my readings had come out very well. This lady felt very unhappy with me and told me that I was getting many things wrong.

Psychology and Moon Fourth TS Illustration

TS came to my rescue. He told me that in USA there was also war-time correction to be done in the case of those who were born during the second world war. I thanked TS and told this lady that I could not proceed with my readings.

Next, TS asked me what was the degree of his lagna according to the horoscope given to me. I told him that it was more than eighteen degrees in Vrishchika. He told me that after war-time correction it could not even be seven degrees. He himself brought his correct horoscope a day later and I did readings which pleased him.

He is himself a sound Western astrologer. Later when another intellectual Western astrologer wanted me to do the reading of her husband’s horoscope, with TS again sitting with her permission, both she and TS appreciated my reading. TS is one of the few astrologers I met in USA who wanted to understand the profundity and the reasoning in Hindu astrology, without which any type of counselling is shaky.

Reading his horoscope I asked him how in 1967-69 period he had come into some sudden windfall gains financially. He said that he had asked me to give the astrological reason. I told him that Saturn, his fourth lord represented a trust and his lagna lord, Mars in the second house aspected by Jupiter and the Moon from the eighth house was the reason for monetary gains.

So it is in USA. Some of those fine patterns of gentleman you meet with are so keenly appreciative of Hindu astrology with an open mind.

But then that haunting fear is always there, which can be tabulated thus:

1. The time corrections with different time-zones and daylight saving time is mind boggling. Why cannot USA have some neater solution to reduce these complications?

2. Do not presume that the so called horoscope given to you is correct.

3. Do not presume that even the daylight saving time is observed by every hospital in USA. It is most arbitrary in Chicago.

4. And finally do not believe that anyone who can not see an event can ever do any counselling.

What then are the elements of astrological counselling?

The first is belief in the pattern of destiny as a result of the deeds of past lives. That karma cannot be changed.

The second, within that pattern only your free-will can be exercised and not outside. The President of Immortals has drawn for each of us an orbit outside which your cannot stray.

The third, astrology is the only science known to man which helps you see the past without your having to tell the present as it is, and the future that is to unfold.

And finally remember that in astrology it is the Moon sign and the birth star that help you see the whirligig of time with the karmic pattern of each one’s destiny unfolding.

So believe in the Moon-sign and the birth Star.

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