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Next a planet is happy in the house of a friend.

How then to decide the friendships and enmities among planets and, the third condition called neutrality.

In International Law there are three parts – War, Peace and Neutrality. Among planets these types of relationships have existed since the Lord created the world, planets and stars.

Principle Number One The lords of the fifth and the ninth  houses and the lords of the second, fourth, eighth and twelfth houses from a planet’s moolatrikona  house are its friends.


The moolatrikona  house of Mars is Mesha. From this point (Mesha) the lord of the fifth house (Simha), the Sun and the lord of the ninth house (Dhanu) Jupiter are the friends of Mars.

Again from Mesha, the lord of the fourth house (Karka), the Moon, of the eighth house, Mars himself, and of the twelfth house (Meena) Jupiter.

You thus now know who are the friends of Mars. They are Venus (the second lord), Moon (the fourth lord), Mars himself (being the eighth lord) and Jupiter (the twelfth lord).

Visual Exercises

Start from the moolatrikona houses and mark first the lords of the fifth and ninth houses.

Then mark the lords of the second, fourth, eighth and twelfth houses. Your now have a total picture of friendships among planets. In a tabular form it is being given now.

Lord of House for Friendship


1. Wherever a planet shows gesture of friendship twice to another planet he becomes his great friend. Here you find that: The great friend or friends of The Sun are Jupiter and Mars – Of the Moon, Mercury; Of Mars, Jupiter; Of Mercury Venus; Of Jupiter Mars; Of Venus both Mercury and Saturn; Of Saturn both Mercury and Venus.

2. Where a planet has expressed its gesture of friendship only once a suspicion arises about the other unknown relationship. Actually it is known after seeing the other relationship.

3. Therefore to decide the mutual enmitites of planets remember that a planet owning the third, sixth and eleventh house and then also the seventh and tenth house becomes, from its moolatrikona house, its enemy. This is being explained in tabular form.

Lord of Houses for Enmity


In the earlier table of friendships it has been seen that some planets become friends twice and some once.

In the preceding table it has been seen that some planets become enemies twice and some once.

In the third category are those planets who become friends in one way and enemies in another way These planets become neutrals.

So let us prepare a third table of neutrals.

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