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After revising it now the first preliminary step takes you into predictive astrology. This is the aspect of planets. These aspects are general and special. Let me first take up general aspects.

All planets aspect the seventh house form their position. It can tabulated thus.

Normal 7th Aspect of Planets

Keep practising this lesson first.

Take up any horoscope and see which planets, Sun, Moon, Mars, Mercury, Jupiter, Venus and Saturn are aspecting the 7th house from its location in a horoscope. This must become a natural habit with you.

You must remember that planets give their effects not merely from where they are in a horoscope but also produce these effects in the house which they aspect.

Three planets Mars, Jupiter and Saturn have special aspects. Mars has two additional aspects the fourth and the eighth. Jupiter has two additional aspects the fifthe and the ninth. Saturn has two additional aspects the third and the tenth.

So Mars, Jupiter and Saturn will have three aspects, one general and two special. These are being given in a tabular form here.

Note – Mars will influence four houses, the first the house where he is positioned in and then three other houses through his general and special aspects.

Remember – Even when Mars is in transit he will be aspecting three houses and is positioned in one house. I have made an effective use of this in my books, "Planets and Children"

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