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P (Position) A (Aspect) C (Conjunction)

Remember that first leg of the Memory Tablet PAC is P.

How this P is applied is being shown here. After this try any other horoscope.

Why you must start with P first?

1. Remember by doing P  you start your astrological adventure of collecting information, intelligence and clues about the lord of each house of a horoscope. A particular lord may be excellently placed while another may be in a bad condition.

2. Now you begin to see that life is never a story of all round joy or total sorrow.

3. But P  is only the opening chapter of a seven layered story of your life which this book will teach.

4. So proceed patiently first by doing this exercise intensely.


There is no book on Hindu astrology in which such tables have been given to over-simplify the understanding of aspects and earlier, of friendships and enmities of planets, as here. It has been done mainly with the intention to help people avoid memorizing. The traditional subject, late in their lives, and have no capacity to memorise. When learning through rote memory is not possible, what is surely possible is to learn through associative memory.

My Advice

1. Never start the analysis of any horoscope without applying the Memory Tablet coined by me to make learning of astrology easy, methodical and scientific.

2. As you will see in the given example of John F Kennedy, the tragedy of his career is well explained by wrong placement of many lords of different houses

3. You can develop your own astrological skill when you apply the first of two Memory Tablets, I am teaching and keep repeating it... the first limb of PAC is P.

In the state of Uttar Pradesh there is a special branch of police known as PAC created to control communal riots.

But the astrological PAC is meant to control anarchical and chaotic analysis of a horoscope.

Therefore I have evolved a memory tablet, the first part of which is :

PAC –     P stands for the position a planet has occupied in a horoscope. Instead of taking fragmentary, confused and unsynthesized view, it is better, to proceed systematically so that you are able to arrive at a meaningful conclusion.

In all horoscopes first of all see how the lord of a particular house is placed.

Therefore let me read a sermon to you first a dangerous sermon, which if you remember, you will not take a fragmentary, muddle-headed and jumbled view of a horoscope.

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