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 Sermon One

1. Hindu astrologers are in the habit of referring to what they think are classics with infallible principles and they turn them into dogmas. They invite disaster.

2. Hindu astrologers are in the habit of turning these dogmas their predictive base. They invite greater disaster.

3. Hindu astrologers are in the habit of using this predictive base for a negative prediction. They create fright in the hearts of their clients.

4. Hindu astrologers are in the habit of creating gloom through their readings and a gnawing feeling of fatalism. They have done no research of their own. What they mistake for classics, provides them a protective cover through a Sanskrit quotation. It is sheer lack of commonsense and sanity. They must know how to judge a horoscope, without being dependent on what they think is a classic.

Let me give a case study here. A very well established American woman insisted on having a reading by me after hearing me speak. My style of reading surprised her. Her problems which could be seen in July 1995 when I did the reading for her were:

1. It was Venus-Mars period when she had been having land dispute.

2. She is a devoted wife and had made anxious inquiries about her husband’s health. I told her that with the best medical facilities available in her country, she should get him checked properly.

Note – She had taken readings from some Vedic astrologers in India and the USA and had felt that Hindu astrology stressed negativity. I talked of the pleasant events of her life and counselled her to have proper medical check up for her husband. She came out, and waving her hands, remarked, "the wall between me and Vedic astrology has vanished from today." This extreme reaction is explainable. In the western astrology they have no ability to predict events. Those who have learnt Hindu astrology and practise it in the west, particularly also do only psychological reading as they avoid predictive side, though they have picked up some rudiments of it by 1996. It will take at least a decade for them to acquire some standard. In the meantime, to 'play their astrological trade', they will do more of astro-psychologizing than emphasise the predictive side. There is also a good reason for it. In the USA you can be sued for anything. Though astrology is not recognised as a profession, and treated as an 'entertainment' in USA.

The Hindu astrologers she referred to in the USA and India predicted a disastrous marriage whereas I straightaway congratulated for a long and good marriage inspite of being an American where the divorce rate is very high. I traced her career pattern from that of a dancer to an author. But I had nothing good to predict for her husband. I toned it down considerably. She felt happy and relieved mainly because her career pattern and happy married life is what many astrologers cannot see because their attention will be riveted on negative factors in the horoscope only.

Her prejudice against Hindu (Vedic in the USA) was very strong. If you do not evolve a scientific method of the analysis of a horoscope, you will either bluff or stress negative factors as Hindu and now Vedic astrologers of the USA, can, and do. The art of synthesis and the greater art of searching the light that can be seen even in a gloom is what Hindu astrologers cannot develop inspite of a great predictive astrology. The reason is the dogmas filled in their minds by a cluttered reading of books of astrology, without any intelligent assimilation.

I told her that Hindu astrology known as Vedic astrology in the USA was in a very rudimentary form. In India, Hindu astrologers, who were good, would not overcome their habit of negative readings for many more decades.

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