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Learning Some Basics of Predictive Principles

The Memory Table given before is P.A.C.

The memory table will be expanded now to make it a complete scheme. But before learning them, it is necessary to understand some technical terms of astrology which are used more commonly.

1. Kendras (Quadrants) – The Lagna, the fourth, seventh and the tenth houses of the lagna are called kendras and the lords of those houses are called lords of kendras, wherever they may be placed in a horoscope.

2. Trikonas (Trines) – The lagna and the fifth and the ninth houses from the lagna are trines. The lords of the fifth and ninth houses have been described as trikonas  which is a fallacy. The word 'tri'  in Sanskrit means 'three'. In what is known as the ashtakvarga, in trikona shodhana , the lagna, the fifth and the ninth houses are taken. Thus lagna lord is both a kendra lord and also the trikona lord.

3. Panapharas (Cadent) – The second, fifth, the eighth and the eleventh houses are known as panapharas. Then a special term used is Upachaya house which are the third, sixth, tenth and eleventh houses and their lords.

4. Apoklimas (Succudent) – The third, sixth, ninth and the twelfth houses are known as apolklima.  But since the ninth house is trikona, it is generally omitted from this category.

Points to Remember

In understanding the meaning of P.A.C. the combinations of the lords of these houses, or the aspect of one of them on a house or a planet or the mutual aspects of the lords of these houses reveal the secrets of horoscope. It is an area of ever-expanding research, very simple apparently, but very complex.

Illustration Horoscope

In the example horoscope, kendras are Kanya, Dhanu, Meena and Mithuna.

Trikonas are Kanya, Makar, Vrisha.

Panapharas are Tula, Makar, Mesha, Karka.

Apoklimas are Vrishchika, Kumbha, Vrisha (Omit it) and Simha.

Table of Kendras and Konas for each Lagna

It will be good if a reader gets used to these terms after understanding how these terms come into a writer’s articles in so natural a way that the writer does not know that they may appear foreign to many.

The permutations and combinations of these, lords of kendras, trikonas, panapahars, apoklimas and upachayas are used for predictions.

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