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Indira Gandhi - Journal of AstrologyIndira Gandhi (19 Nov 1917-31 Oct 1984) some events of her life the most charismatic woman leader in the recent history of the world, the most powerful prime minister of  India till today, Indira Gandhi’s horoscope and predictions given about her have ruined the reputations of many astrologers in India as she ruined the political careers of many Indian leaders.  

For astrologers, the interpretation of the famous exchanges in her horoscope, has been an enigma and also a lesson. From the Jaimini angle and Chara dasha it is equally interesting and provides new insights for our thinking.

Mother’s death: afflicted MK 

If a karaka that is afflicted is aspected by Gnathikaraka also it leads to early departure of such person from one’s life, in various ways generally, not always.   I have found it working in majority of cases. In this article I am showing it in three cases. In the case of Indira Gandhi, her Matrikaraka Jupiter is afflicted by Saturn and is being 

See the events leading to her marriage. 

From 1935 to 1939 it was Mesha dasha. Mesha has Upapada which took her to a TB hospital in Switzerland where Feroze Gandhi came to meet her from England where he was studying. From Mesha in the eighth house are her PK Mercury and DK Sun showing a secret love affair. Then came her Meena dasha from 1939 to 1949. Meena is her navamsha lagna and 

she was of marriageable age. Now watch the antardashas from here: 

Meena Mesha (19 Nov 1939 to Sep 1940) The upapada and the aspect of DK on Mesha in the birth horoscope and of DKN from Simha helped her resolve to marry Feroze Ghandy who later changed it to Gandhi or his family had done it earlier. 

Meena Vrisha (19 Nov 1940 to July 1941) Here DK is in the seventh house in which period she told her father in jail that she was determined to marry Feroze. Her father had to yield to her decision and the declaration was made creating a national uproar which Jawahar Lal Nehru defended hypocritically.   

From July 1941 to May 1942) it was Meena Mithuna with Rahu and Venus in the seventh and it was an unconventional marriage as Rahu denotes here. A Parsi as we know was said to have consented to get the marriage performed in a Hindu way. 

From May 1942 to March 1943 (Meena-Karka) she must have decided to raise a family as PK is in theifth house from here. From March 1943 to Jan 1944 (Meena Simha) with PK being in Simha in the Saptamsha, Rajiv Gandhi entered her womb. 

From Jan 1944 to Nov 1944 in Meena Kanya with Jupiter, the natural putrakaraka and Mercury the Jaimini PK aspecting Makara, the fifth house from Kanya, she gave birth to her first son Rajiv Gandhi. 

In the Saptamsha, from Kanya the fifth house receives the aspect of Mercury PK. 

Meena Tula lasted upto September 1945. 

Now Meena Vrischika was lasting upto July 1946 and PK is here. She became pregnant again and gave birth in Dec 1946 to her second son. Note: The approximate week of the birth of the baby, in some cases, of the day also, can be calculated if one goes upto five levels of Chara dasha.  

For example Sanjay Gandhi was born in Meena-Dhanu-Mithuna-Simha and Vrischika where the PK is placed. 

If the Saptamsha is seen all these five dasha levels point to the birth of a baby.From Meena the fifth house is aspected by Jupiter. From Mithuna the fifth house is aspected both by Jupiter and PK. 

Simha has PK which is Mercury. 

Vrischika is the fifth house both of birth horoscope and the Saptamsha. 

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