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Death of Sanjay Gandhi 
Her son Sanjay Gandhi died in June 1980 in Kanya mahadasha from where, in the birth horoscope, the PK is aspected by GK representing accidents and in Saptamsha, PK and GK are in the twelfth house, Simha a rashi of accidents from Kanya whose dasha was running. 

The antardasha was of Vrisha where DK is placed in the Saptamsha. 

In the lagna chart where PK and DK in the seventh can also show marriage but from Saptamsha the event becomes clear.  

The pratyantara dasha was of Mithuna from where PK falls in the sixth house of accidents and is with DK which also denotes death and is aspected by Moon, GK denoting accidents in the Rasi chart.  

Her father’s death on 27 May 1964 happened in Vrischika-Simha-Kanya Vrischika has Sun, the significator of father but is also DK. Simha has Mars BK. From Kanya, the ninth house receives the aspect of GK which is Moon and Sun the DK is in the third house denoting the longevity of parents. 

Let me quote what was reported in the Astrological Magazine about this prediction of mine and is mentioned in my book Nehru Dynasty. 

Her own death
 - “One night Raja Dinesh Singh had asked me some time in April or May 1984 and I had told him that the end of Indira was imminent. He asked me if I could tell the “time-frame”, a favourite expression of his, I had to work hard, with Dr. R.K. Caroli, Mr. Anand Singh, a close friend and personal secretary of Raja Dinesh Singh, waiting impatiently. The calculations were done by my friend Kumar Viveki. My specific answer was “between 1st and 4th November 1984”, Indira was shot dead on 31st October 1984.” 

Later, addressing an astrological convocation what Raja Dinesh Singh said, was reported in Astrological-Magazine as “He mentioned many of Mr. Rao’s predictions such as Mrs. Gandhi’s death etc.. which had proved correct". correct.”(Astrological-Magazine, June 1990. P. 531)

My basis of prediction 
briefly my basis of this prediction which is remembered and quoted even today and which was reported in the Statesman. It was as follows: 
(a) The New-Year Horoscope of 1984 had clearly shown a tragic change in the central government. 
(b) Indira was passing through the Saturn-Rahu period. In Rahu-Saturn she had defied her father and married Feroze Gandhi. In Jupiter-Saturn she had broken off all her relations with her husband and their were terrible scandals heard about her which include the necklace she had got from the king of Saudi Arabia and the mink coat she had got from Dharam Teja, a shipping magnate.                                                              

Now in Saturn-Rahu she had antagonized  the Sikhs by hurting their religious sentiments. She had invited her doom. Her span of life could not be more than 68 years by any  calculation (see Saturn in the lagna). Saturn in her lagna was aspecting her lagna-lord: as her 7th and the 8th lord, it had to prove disastrous. 

From her Moon, Saturn was again her 2nd lord in the 7th house. Saturn’s major period had to be a killer. 

Which sub-period? Which sub-period, was the question to be decided. Moon in her 7th house aspected by Jupiter could save her. The Sun in her 5th house again aspected by Jupiter could save her. But Mars in her 2nd house could be a killer though being a yogakarka, it would not kill her. Rahu like Saturn is a fully qualified killer according to Hindu-astrology. Then Rahu with Venus, a killer for Cancer ascendant, in the 6th house was doubly bad. 

Transits: In the ashtakvarga, as I wrote in the November 1984 issue of the Astrological-Magazine (available in Delhi in the middle of October) I had already said that after 24 September, 1984 Saturn in Vishakha (20 degree in Libra) had entered that  “crucial-area” again. Jupiter with Mars in Sagittarius was in the 12th house from her Moon in Capricorn. The transit of Rahu in Taurus was bad again as it was on her natal Jupiter.” There was no saving element anywhere. (From my book Nehru Dynasty) 

Now see it through Chara dasha 

Simha dasha (1983 to 1992) Simha is eighth from her Karakamsha which is Makara. It was Simha Tula and Kumbha period from 17 Oct 1984 to 19 Nov 1984. In Simha there is her DKN Sun. Tula is aspected by DKN with Mars showing violence. 

The pratyantara is of Kumbha from where DKN falls in the seventh house. The sookshma is Mesha on 31 October 1984  aspected by DK and DKN.  

The prana dasha is also of Mesha. 

I did this calculation after her death to make sure that my method of computing Chara dasha was correct. It is a very time taking process which had better be avoided and that time spent on spiritual pursuits. But to convince that jyotisha is a pratyaksha shastra. it should be done once in a while. 

The trickiest part in astrology is to calculate the span of life and come to the exact period of death. It should satisfy an astrologer to see the fatal period if he can see this period two to four years in advance. If the actual death occurs two years after the period it should not be treated as an error but a near accurate prediction.

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