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Jaimini Astrology - 7 Step Method II

Originally written for Journal of Astrology. This article and related material has been syndicated to other websites.

Just as you begin to grow mature you will learn that you have to avoid discussing astrology with an astro-neophyte as much as the dogmatic pandit who argues that his interpretation of a shloka from a Jyotisha book or even a sutra alone is correct. Challenge him, if you are in a mood to argue with him, to show the correctness of his interpretation on ten horoscopes and he will run away but become your enemy for the rest of your life. On such occasions remember God and Oliver Goldsmith both. “Every absurdity has a champion to defend it.” – Oliver Goldsmith.Remember Oliver Goldsmith again“If you were to make little fishes talk, they would talk like whales.”  

Simhastha Brihaspati
Do not accept any interpretation given blindly as for example in Muhurtha Samhitas, Simhastha Brihaspati or Jupiter’s transit in Simha is forbidden for marriages in some muhurta books. Late Sri S.K.Kelkar did some work on it, being a suave non-traditionalist, found that marriages done in this period were just like any other marriages and that the promise in the birth horoscope alone showed correct results. I got done a larger research by asking seven women astrologers, who had collected one hundred and sixty seven horoscopes, to produce a largeresearch, the biggest on the subject till date and they were amused to find that there was no terror in Simhastha Brihaspati marriages. Some of the marriages which were three decades old were very happy ones.

The need to do this research arose because this is the only muhurtha I have seen which is not universal but relates only to the territory between Godavari and Ganga. One astrologer argued with me and said thatall gods (remember that it is said that Hindus have 33 crore gods) go away to south India and do not remain in the north at all. I, in turn asked him if the railway minister of India spent sleepless nights during this period when Jupiter was in Simha.

The panchanga (almanac) makes ignore these researches and continue to frighten people with the fictitious results of marriages performed when Jupiter is in Simha which occurs every twelve years. 

When these untested dogmas become source of fright, astrology ceases to be the super science it is and, becomes a superstition.  It is so with shlokas and sutras also. Do not accept them blindly as we do not know what are genuine and what are interpolated. 

 Make your own bold research hoping that someday some wise astrologers will see the utility of this for the modern age. Tradition should be respected not as a dogma but with malleable intelligence. The aim should be to bring in liberal elitism without violence to scientific and acceptable interpretation of rich astrological tradition of ours given by wise pundits like Madhura Krishnamurthy Sastri and men of his caliber. 

Working sincerely and most scientifically only one can see the extraordinary beauty of astrology of Hindus. Let me give on instance which shows timing without embarrassing the Indian Police Service officer, in service, whose wife’s horoscope is being discussed. 

A police officer Ajay Kashyap (IPS)  posted in Delhi was selected for a prestigious job in UNO in 2010 as I had predicted, but he was not being relieved by the authorities in Delhi including the Lt. Governor because of the Commonwealth Games in October 2010. His wife, an astrology student in the Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan, asked me and I told her that according to her horoscope, she would be out of India by 17 August 2010, CWG or no CWG. I had to devote some time to calculate it which is a tedious task. 

She wrote to me an email which I reproduce here editing out her id. 

From:    @mail.com > From: archna kashyap@.com ?  
To: knrao@.com 
Subject: Accurate prediction of Shri K N Rao 
Date: Thu, 12 Aug 2010 22:17:41 IST 

There was considerable uncertainty about my husband's movement from India on account of his posting abroad. This dilemma was posed to Shri K N Rao our guru, a few weeks ago. On the basis of his analysis of my patri alone, he predicted that we would move from India to the United States on the 17th of August 2010. This was at a time when clearance from the Government seemed difficult, if not remote, in view of the forthcoming Commonwealth Games to be held in New Delhi in October 2010, and the critical  position held by my husband. However suddenly the denials of senior ministry officials were overruled and Government approvals came through. Amazingly, our date of journey is exactly as predicted by Shri K N Rao Sir. This is a remarkable prediction made by Shri K.N.Rao, based solely on the study of the spouse's i.e. my, patri (chart). 

With warmest regards 

Sagittarius 12.12.1965,Scorpio

DOB: December 1965, 08: 13 am, Mirzapur, UP, India

Later when students asked me, I explained that it is through the Chara dasha which I had taught to them and which jyotisha softwares calculate wrongly. Let me give instances from the horoscope of Indira Gandhi how chara dasha shows some events in her life to the nearest date. In the case of Mrs. Archana, see the chart and the DK in Mithuna and it is Mithuna dasha running which is favourable for her husband. When she asked the question it was the antardasha of Kanya from where the DK is in the tenth house of elevation about which I had given prediction to her husband earlier last year (2009) 

Now the pratyantara dasha running was of Karka from where DK is in the twelfth, Mithuna. This pratyantara  dasha was ending on 17 August 20101. It was easy to predict that by 17 August 2010 her husband would be out of India. She acknowledge it through email and told me that the objections of the police commissioner Delhi, Mr. Dadhwal and, of the Lt.Governor, were overruled by the Home Ministry which she had not expected and when the orders came, she booked tickets for New York for 17 August. 

This is the beauty of Jaimini and the Chara Dasha I have researched on, not caring for obscurantist pandits who, knowing English, reel off their superstitions in the internet forums and also in astrological journals. Left to themselves, they cannot prove the validity of their own interpretation on one hundred horoscopes at least. 

Some of them will come out with fanciful theories by saying that Shastyamsha, (D 60) is used to see past birth and some other vargas like D 40 from what you inherit from your mother and D 45 for what you inherit from your father with the fullest confidence that Maharshi Parashara will not come down to the earth and complain about being maimed. These are fanciful theories which can never find any support from available texts of Parashara and cannot be proven on hundreds of horoscopes.                                                              

(Those who use Jhora will observe that the Cancer PD ends on 18th Aug whereas the event happened on 17th Aug matching with the ending of Cancer PD as calculated by K N Rao. ) 

I have lot of feedback from people to whom I have given consultation which I cannot disclose and betray confidences.  It is better to say that you have an astrological observation and request other astrologers to test it on horoscopes in their possession to help astrology progress with the astrologer remaining in the background. 

An intelligent and open minded lover of astrology reads books with an open mind, tries the techniques given and then forms his opinion. Here is someone who calls my method controversial but still has something complimentary to say because he is intelligent, not stupid; open minded not a dogma filled dullard. 

I am editing out his id. 

From: Acyutananda Dasa <a@com> 
To: <knrao@.com> 
Subject: Love your books! Please give me a mantra 
Date: Tue, 28 Nov 2006 06:51:41 IST 

Dear Sri Sri KN Rao Srila Gurudeva, 
I recently went to the Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan in Delhi where you teach. At the bookstore I purchased nearly all of your books! (Everyone that was available to say the least).  I love your landmark work on Chara Dasha, and though it is quite a controversial work based on other treatises which I have read on the subject, I do appreciate the scientific aspect you throw into your work. That’s what makes it credible, reliable, and authentic. Meaning therefore, that your books are the only ones which are useful and genuine on the market. 


I tell students not to accept blindly what is given in the translations of Brihat Parashara etc. not to be overwhelmed by the pandit who rattles off lot of gibberish in Sanskrit but knows no astrology of practical use to us in the day to day life. There are two types of astrologers who are the main menace, first the greedy money earning one who can adopt any trick to cheat you and the other who poses to be a scholar and misleads you with his obstinate insistence on wrong interpretation, wrong approach, primitive approach and abysmal record of predictive astrology. 

A well placed woman student who had topped in our jyotisha examination and is now in quite a high post wrote to me the following which I am reproducing again editing out her id. 

From:      ambica gulati @.com>  
To:     knrao@.com  
Subject:   thank you 
Date:  Mon, 27 Jun 2005 12:51:04 IST  

Dear Sir 
 I thought I should thank you for grooming me to handle the position I do today. Your research pattern is so well thought out that it can beat even the best of institutes.   I interviewed the director of Management Development Institute, Dr Pritam Singh (He got a padma shri in 2003) and I discovered that you have been grooming me in the same way to reach that mental and physical level. Today, I feel I am more equipped to handle life as I read and write better and am more discriminating in my associations. So I guess, all's well that ends well.  

Ambica Gulati


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