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KN Rao

I must explain that I had been giving excellent predictions through Vimshottari dasha and vargas which late Shehadri mentioned in his books but which I popularised on a large scale.

But I had to use Chara dasha and many other dashas of Jaimini out of sheer necessity and demand. The reasons are:

1. During my service career I was posted in Shillong (1962-63) when I met many Bengalis who had lost their birth horoscopes when they were fleeing from what then was East Pakistan.

2. Then I had two postings in Calcutta (1967 to 1969 and again from 1975 to 1978 when again I met many Bengalis who had lost their birth horoscopes when they were fleeing from what then was East Pakistan.

3. From 1978 till my retirement in 1990, I met many Punjabis and Haryanvis and Delhites who were either refugees who had lost their horoscopes while fleeing from West Pakistan at the time of the partition of India in 1947 or had Arya Samaj background and never got their horoscopes prepared. When they felt the need to have astrological readings, some of them came to me and I found out that if I fixed their lagnas properly on the basis of the scanty information they provided, without fixing the degrees of the lagna, I could give them helpful predictions on the basis of Chara dasha and seven, and only seven karakas.

I also found that being a government officer with ten to five office hours, I was always short of time and I needed accurate Vimshottari dasha after correcting the birth time which is wrong in ninety percent times. I solved my problem by heavily relying on Chara dasha and Karakas and double checked it with Vimshottari dasha without using vargas in most cases and gave good predictions though some went wrong awfully also.

In those cases where I had accurate horoscopes, I used both dashas and even some conditional dashas on which I did lot of research but have left it to my colleagues in the Astrology Faculty of the Bharatiya Vidya Bhawan. In these cases I invariably used divisional charts most of which,(leaving some) I have revealed in my books. Let me talk about ECMD.
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