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                                      KN Rao

Keeping this background in the mind follow my discussion of the horoscopes under ECMCD or Education, Career, Marriage, Children and Death.  

Follow my line of reasoning by preparing charts in which all birth horososcopes are:
1) Marked with karakas.
2) Mark the Karakamsha (KL) alongwith the Atmakaraka also in the lagna.
3) Mark the putrakaraka (PK)
4) Mark the darakaraka and also the darakaraka navamsha in the birth horoscope. (DKN) and note the dual use I make of it for marriage and also death.
5) Mark the upapada in the birth horoscope. 

Computing the Chara dasha periods
In calculating the periods I neither add one extra year for exalted planet nor deduct one extra for debilitated period for the following reasons:
1) Since there are only twelve rashis, so the maximum dasha period can be of twelve years only. If Mercury is at two degrees in Kanya,by adding one year to full twelve year period it will become thirteen.
2) If Jupiter is at two degrees in Makara, for the Dhanu period the period will be zero which appears absurd to me as no rashi can have zero period. Additionally, Dhanu periods are known for rise and fall, sudden events and even tragedies. If in a horoscope there is a zero year for it, some important events cannot be seen at all is my experience.
3) In timing events in horoscopes which have exalted and debilitated planets as in the case of Queen Elizabeth II and Chandrasekhar, the former prime minister of India, I will show how following my method, timing of events becomes accurate. 

I and my students have followed this method and have given many successful predictions with timing becoming accurate. The illustrative horoscopes being used here are of those famous persons who life events are historically documented and the horoscopes used have correct lagnas though the degrees of the lagna may be debatable. But in using Chara dasha that is not a handicap.

NOTE: I use the Karakamsha lagna in the birth horoscope for many good reasons which are sound. I will explain it. If all karakas are used in navamsha it is called Swamsha. It is the tradition followed in many parts of northern India and gives excellent results. See a sutra for example:

Shukrendo Shukradrishe rasavadi p 49, meaning that if Venus is in Karakamsha lagna and is aspected by Moon, he will become a dealer in medicines etc. (Suresh Ch, Mishra Jaimini Sutram of Ranjan Publications, 1989 edition in Hindi)

Anyone in the world with Moon and Venus in the same degrees as Atmakaraka and Amatyakaraka in the birth horoscope will also have them in navamsha and they all will become dealers in medicines. If you judge it from Karakamsha in lagna it may give a different meaning and lot of flexibility is available for interpretation. It is why traditionally, north Indian astrologers put Karakamsha in the birth horoscope and judge the results.

If you blend the results from Karakamsha in lagna and Karakamsha in Swamsha (meaning all karakas put in navamsha as south Indian astrologers do) you get better results.

Special Point
Finally, no writer on Jaimini has talked of Darakaraka as both giver of spouse and also death. Death should ofcourse be predicted after finding out the span of life which is a tough task and should be approached through many techniques combined in a harmonious scheme and technique.

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