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Model Exercise 2

1.Queen Elizabeth of England was born with her Sun exalted while her first child Charles has a debilitated Sun in his horoscope. The meaning is clear. The Sun of the Queen is in Mesha while that of the Prince is in Tula.

2. The Jupiter of Princess Diana is debilitated. The meaning is clear. Jupiter is in Makar.

3. A person has debilitated Mars in his horoscope. The meaning is clear. It is in Karka.


1. In his horoscope a person has three exalted planets, Saturn, Jupiter and the Sun. Where are these planets?

2. In his horoscope, a person has exalted Jupiter and debilitated Mars together. Where are these planets?

3. In his horoscope, a person has exalted Sun, exalted Venus but debilitated Mercury. Where are these planets? a rashi. Where is the Sun?

4. In his horoscope, a person has the Sun and the Moon exalted but Jupiter in its moolatrikona house. Where are these planets?

5. In his horoscope, a person has the Sun debilitated, Jupiter debilitated, the Moon debilitated but Mercury exalted. Where are these planets?

6. In his horoscope, a person has all planets, other than the Sun and the Moon, exalted? Where are these planets? 7. In the horoscope of Ramakrishna Paramhamsa, Saturn is exalted, Venus is exalted, Mars is exalted . Where are these planets?

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